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yandree at ecoTrialog #14 on the topic of "DCIM ≠ DCIM"

Data center infrastructure management (short DCIM) is a much-discussed topic in the data center industry. But what is actually concealed behind this catch phrase? Many suppliers of DCIM systems present themselves as market leaders and, according to their own descriptions, offer the perfect tools for data center management. The reason for this paradox is that each company uses its own interpretation of the term DCIM. You easily get the impression that suppliers define the central aspects of data center management on the basis of the most powerful features of their own products. Customers interested in DCIM systems are confused by this and don’t know what to expect of a DCIM system; thus, it becomes increasingly difficult to compare the different systems.

That was probably one of the main reasons why Ms. Monika Graß, together with the eco Association of the German Internet Industry, contacted more than 60 suppliers of DCIM solutions to present a review of the tools available. After one year of market analysis, the results could finally be presented at the ecoTrialog.

Almost 80 data center experts met in the data center of the noris network AG in Nuremburg for the presentation of the DCIM market overview. The author presented the huge differences between the available solutions and emphasized the title of the compendium: DCIM is not DCIM.

Before the different suppliers presented their tools in a short pitch, Roland Galler of yandree GmbH stressed that the biggest challenge for the introduction of a DCIM system is the successful and complete migration of available data into the new system.


ecoTrialog #14

Picture: eco Association of the German Internet Industry


Companies often forget that changing a system involves considerable effort when it comes to data analysis and migration. The customer has a new system – but the data accessed by the new tool are incomplete.

Major DCIM producers such as CA Technologies, CommScope with iTRACS, Emerson Network Power or FNT presented their solutions and it was soon obvious how diverse the landscape of DCIM suppliers actually is.


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