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ecoTrialog #14

Almost 80 data center experts met in the data center of the noris network AG in Nuremburg for the presentation of the DCIM market overview. The author presented the huge differences between the available solutions and emphasized the title of the compendium: DCIM is not DCIM.

top 15 dcim

The editors of the DataCenter Insider present suppliers of DCIM solutions in this top list. The DeeCeeSqueezer by yandree GmbH, which, as the first, essential step,  constitutes the core of the preparation and introduction of a DCIM system, has been added to the list. (Picture: DataCenter Insider)

Which devices are in a rack? What is the power supply for a rack and how is it protected? Where do certain virtual servers run? A switch needs to be changed – which devices and services are affected? How many devices of a certain type and age do we have at a certain site?

Access all these information within seconds via a browser...

quality(Summary of a White Paper by yandree GmbH)

If a business considers improving its data center documentation, new, more comprehensive, and holistic documentation systems, which are to replace existing resources, often stand in the foreground of such considerations.

deeceeappBasler Versicherung uses yandree's DeeCeeApp as a mobile data centre documentation

oscarAndreas Gsell, technical managing director at yandree, has been nominated by BroadGroup for the "Young Talent of the Year" award

kostenPaul Goodison (CEO, Cormant): "Implementation and Data Integration make up to 50% of the costs for a DCIM project"

More than 80 jurors from different German universities and IT companies have decided to rank yandree's DeeCeeSqueezer among the best IT innovations of 2013...

yandree GmbH is pleased to announce the completion of the software program "DeeCeeSqueezer". "DeeCeeSqueezer" is a novel, innovative tool which helps companies to analyze the interaction of different data sources within a company on a higher level and scan enterprise processes for weaknesses on a regular basis and which provides suggestions for improvement...

yandree is looking for companies which are currently using a DCIM system and would like to test the DeeCeeApp tablet application...

What many users of data center infrastructure management systems (DCIM) have been wishing for has finally come true: yandree GmbH has developed a vendor-independent
tablet application which guarantees round-the-clock access to your data center documentation...