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User solutions

yandree's core business is "documentation of data center infrastructure"

The quality of this documentation is fundamental to efficient, risk-free data center operation.

yandree GmbH staff have had project responsibility for numerous DCIM implementations. The range of solutions offered by yandree is based upon the experience gained in these projects.

Together with our customers, we can pursue two different objectives: replacement of all existing documentation and migration of data to a new system (DeeCeeSqueezer) or enhancement and increased quality of existing systems (DeeCeeSpot).


Both objectives require an analysis of the current documentation landscape and a review of the quality of the current data:

Analysis of the current data landscape

Decision to add infrastructure or buy new systems

Improvement of data quality


If a customer opts to continue to use his existing documentation systems, the next steps to be taken are:

Master Data Management

Single Point of View


If a customer opts to buy a new system, the next steps to be taken are:

Preparation and migration to new systems

Introduction of new systems


Because internal resources are usually in short supply, yandree also provides various forms of support, from project management to data processing.