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Data Migration Services

yandree GmbH staff have had project responsibility for numerous DCIM implementations, often observing that projects were delayed due to a lack in the quality of existing data: the result was missed deadlines, incomplete or faulty deliveries that had to be returned. The data from different departments did not match and there was far more clarification work involved than had been planned. The costs increased and, despite great commitment on the part of everyone involved, it was not possible to stick to deadlines due to problems in the migration process.


The idea

Software sales, implementation and data migration are three different subprojects that are all part of a successful software roll-out. The product manufacturer is mainly responsible for sales and implementation, while the customer himself is chiefly responsible for successful migration.

Seamless roll-out processes are a crucial factor for ensuring a manufacturer's positive reputation. In order not to jeopardize projects – and thus his reputation – the software manufacturer and vendor should therefore take charge of the roll-out process, that can be scheduled with great accuracy, while assigning the migration process, which is difficult to timeline, to a specialist company – yandree GmbH.

As a result, the customer learns to distinguish between implementation and migration and will be able to appraise these two processes separately.


The method

Focusing on the subject of data migration for many years, yandree GmbH has developed tools to facilitate the migration of a wide range of data sources into DCIM systems.

Once the tools are set up, the customer takes charge of the quality of his data himself and can view the effect of the improvements online at any time. He is constantly up to date on the data validation process and its current quality. Only a few manual operations are required, with data sources evaluated on a cyclic basis.

This process is transparent for everyone involved and possible with unlimited validation cycles.

This allows you to achieve a very high level of quality prior to migration. What is more, it is usually possible to migrate data from more departments than would be the case without the aid of tools, as this makes data preparation much easier. Projects are more successful.



Hosted Data Migration Services

yandree provides a variety of solutions for performing the migration process, including "Hosted Data Migration Services". The software required for this runs on the yandree servers. In cases where this is not possible for reasons of data protection, the tools are hosted on servers in the particular country or within the particular company. The software is provided for the duration of migration, with licensing costs included in the service package prices.

The data transfer format is defined in consultation with the manufacturer and the customer, with yandree performing migration with the aid of its tools.

The customer has Web-based access to all information and reports and is thus responsible for the speed of migration and the quality of the migrated data.


The background

This approach enables a significant reduction of service costs in DCIM projects – a frequent point of criticism.

yandree has years of experience in migration and has special tools to make migration processes more transparent and effective. The company focuses on processes of data migration and has greater expertise and efficiency in this field than many software houses.

This allows the customer to recognize his responsibility in the migration process and to learn to distinguish roll-out processes into software quality, implementation and migration. This clear-cut distinction leads to a more positive assessment of software houses in DCIM roll-out processes.