An Austrian company in the electricity industry uses DeeCeeSpot to get a uniform view on distributors and equipment of a very large number of dislocated locations. Together with yandree, the documentation requirements were defined and the system adapted accordingly. The improvement of the data quality as well as the uniform documentation at all locations was an essential goal of the client.

A world wide operating US hosting company used yandree's migration team to migrate data from an old system to a new DCIM system. More than 9,000 racks, 50,000 devices and over 600,000 network connections were prepared for the new system. Thanks to yandree's tools, missing or conflicting data could be detected and corrected in time. The migration was completed in a very short time.

A Saudi Arabian oil company consulted the yandree team at many different stages to migrate data to an existing DCIM system. In addition, yandree provided training at the company to ensure optimal use of the software.

A German company in the building materials industry has relied on yandree's team and know-how for the introduction and operation of its DCIM system for many years.

A Swiss company in the insurance industry uses tools from yandree to comfortably view and edit the data of a DCIM system on a tablet. In addition, the company's team accesses yandree's support and development department when it comes to problems or configurations for the system in use.

A German company in the banking industry used yandree's know-how and tools to improve the quality of data so that a uniform database could be created from a wide variety of sources. These data were then prepared for a newly acquired DCIM system and migrated to it in a short time.