Andreas Gsell, Geschäftsführer 




Andreas has been active in the software industry since 2000 and has been involved with products in the area of data center infrastructure management since 2003.

As a graduate industrial engineer, he is familiar with both IT (especially software development, database design) and business administration (process design, project management).

He has introduced DCIM systems at international corporations in Europe, America and Asia and has taken on roles in project management, data migration as well as process and system integration.

Certifications in project management as well as in the products FNT Command and iTRACS from Commscope prove the acquired knowledge.

His many years of experience in the introduction of DCIM systems were incorporated into the products and services of yandree GmbH. Especially DeeCeeSqueezer, the analysis and migration tool of yandree GmbH, was designed and significantly developed by Andreas. Numerous successful deployments with different data migrations show the level of experiance.


Tel: +43 316 820 106

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