DeeCeeSpot - A clear view of your infrastructure


DeeCeeSpot is aimed at all those who need information about the infrastructure quickly and easily, but the data is maintained by different employees or specialist groups in different documentation systems.

The existing documentation tools are not replaced, but are combined in an easy-to-use web portal.


DeeCeeSpot combines all information available for the documentation of a data center in a central web portal.

Existing data from different sources are collected, validated and displayed in their context: Master Data Management for data center documentation.



All information in one place
Data maintenance will continue to be decentralized, while query and evaluation will take place in a central portal.

DeeCeeSpot supports the billing of IT costs
DeeCeeSpot creates a bridge between the assets you need for your services (infrastructure) and the applications you charge for (services).

Information retrievable and evaluable at any time
No more waiting until already overloaded employees find time to generate required reports. Every evaluation is now available at any time.

Decision bases are permanently available
Important strategic decisions can be made more quickly due to the information that can be called up at any time.

The value of existing investments is increased
Investments already made in documentation are better used and their value increased.

Users maintain the data as before
Without your employees having to get used to new systems, you will receive better information than before.

Improving data quality
The data is not only merged, but also validated and improved.

Preparation for possible future migrations into new systems
Should you wish to change to new systems at a later date, your data will be optimally prepared.