How to Automate Data Migration to FNT Command  

Would you like to reduce the cost, time and manual effort required to implement FNT Command? One way to achieve all three is to automatically populate FNT Command’s data repository with your information.

FNT’s certified service partner yandree will explain in detail how they migrated the existing data center documentation of an IT service provider to FNT Command. This data center – which has 10,000 assets and 50,000 connections, spread across five different systems - successfully completed their migration in less than one week.

The initial situation was anything but simple: five completely independent documentation systems had to be harmonized. In addition, the customer had very high demands on the quality of the data to be migrated. Some of the required information was not available at all in the documentation and had to be calculated from other information.

See in this webinar how yandree met these requirements and ended up performing a smooth migration in a very short time. The use of the software "DeeCeeSqueezer" developed by yandree, which enables the customer to carry out highly efficient data improvements in several validation cycles, was particularly advantageous. Furthermore, this software automatically supplements data based on underlying rules and thus relieves the customer of extensive manual tasks. 

If migration of data, whether into a new or into an existing system is a current topic for you, then this webinar is just right for you. 


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