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"Save up to 20% more time when it comes to cabling tasks"

deeceeappBasler Versicherung uses yandree's DeeCeeApp as a mobile data centre documentation

Basler Versicherung has long used well-maintained and up-to-date documentation of their data centres. Floor plans, racks, devices and their modules, as well as countless network connections are documented. The only critique on their system was that the information was not available on-site; it had to be printed in an office and carried to the computer rooms. If, once in the computer room, an employee found that additional information was needed, he would have to return to the office to obtain it.

Thanks to yandree's DeeCeeApp this extra exertion is now a thing of the past. Employees were supplied by yandree with tablets containing current documentation in graphic and alphanumeric form which can be accessed on-site at any time. "This saves us up to 20% of our time when it comes to our everyday work", says Basler Versicherung's Bernhard Joller.

Companies with all levels of documentation can benefit from DeeCeeApp. DeeCeeApp can either summarize various isolated solutions into a comprehensive view upon request (DeeCeeSqueezer also required), or read data from documentation systems (DCIM, CMDB) and display it on a tablet.


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